Holistic Program - Past Event Details

Holistic Program - Past Event Details

Colour Happy... Mandala art program by Swathika Anand

The first of a 4 week session (for all ages) begins on SUNDAY, APR 11, 2021 from 3- 4 pm EST. The next 3 classes on Apr. 25, May 2 and May 9. There are no prerequisites to join. You need NOT have any arts/ drawing background to join this program. All you need is a plain paper and pencil.

Entertainment show - By JEEM BOOM BHA
Our 2nd show - Saturday May 8 - 6:30 pm
Very exciting game show!

There are 5 categories with 5 questions in each! The categories include videos you got to watch carefully, tricky but simple Movie Mojo questions, Epic errands that will require recalling the stories your grand Ma told you and count on your TV watching skills on the Sports Mojo questions.

As done in the opening show, your responses will be gathered and worked on by our scorers to declare the Winner! The inaugural quiz show winner Ravindra Kumar got delivered the gift he loved!

While the responses are worked on, Harish Dada will activate your Musical Hearts bringing in your favourite Tamil Film duet songs rendered by Seetha & Shivshankar!

The zoom link sent by Handi-Care Intl. to all those registered with HCI Check Jeem Boom Bha broadcast message if you are part of Jeem Boom Bha!

New comers must register to receive the zoom link. Also add HCI's WA # (647)853-4419 to your contacts. You will be added to a Broadcast group and will receive messages in that group. You WILL NOT be able to receive the messages until the previous step is completed. Looking forward to seeing you all !

Sway of Moods with Arts and Nature

Sandhya Srivatsan, a Musician and Gerontologist invites you to the discussion on the effects of music, nature, art, virtual visuals on our moods and emotions

JEEM BOOM BHA! QUIZ Show - Saturday Jun 12th - 7:30 pm

Staying at home alive and kicking? Time for us to warm up your hearts and make you vibrant and active! As part of the great initiative by Handi-care Intl, Jeem Boom Bha is all set to bring you a Jeopardy Quiz show as our next presentation! Rest assured you will all enjoy this show!