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NEWSLETTER - 75 - Mar 16 2012 - Volunteer Placement Program 

Volunteer Placement Program
  • Please visit our updated “Volunteer” section www.handicareintl.org/volunteer. We have been successfully placing volunteers since 2004 and so far almost 40 youth volunteers have participated in the program. Each one of them has been positively impacted by the placement. This reflects in their overall development both in personality and in career/ educational choices. Seeing the amazing results, we are convinced that this program is to be promoted formally. We will be taking steps to approach universities in Canada and highlight our program. This will be specially targeting students of PT, OT (Physical & Occupational therapy), Science & Life sciences, Public health and general interest.

  • We place our volunteers at Amar Seva Sangam(ASSA) www.amarseva.org in India. The latest developments and expansions at ASSA are very compelling and conducive to our vision. These developments have opened up room for more volunteers to offer meaningful service while gaining invaluable experience.

  • Volunteer placements in India are rare by other International agencies from Canada. This triggered our board to focus on this area. We charge our volunteers a very nominal fee just to cover their room & board expenses. This is a fraction compared to the charges made by other International placement agencies from Canada. At HCI, we are developing this as a service to the community.

  • Our placement offers the most comprehensive program and is very comparable to the ones offered by other agencies, if not better and more focused. You may visit their sites just to get an idea.

  • We feel it is a great opportunity for youth in our own community to participate and get connected with their roots, while it is even a greater opportunity for Canadian youth at large to experience India in a rural- yet so developed, setting.

We invite applications for placements for this year – 2012. Please pass on this newsletter to your friends and family who might be interested.