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NEWSLETTER - 76 - Apr 09 2012 


Congratulations to Amar Seva Sangam, Handicare Intl's partner organization in India. Former Indian President Abdul Kalam has just donated 25 lakh rupees ($50,000 CAN) to Amar Seva Sangam to support their great work! It was one of only four organizations he chose to support with the proceeds of the SR Jindal Award.

Recently, was conferred the SR Jindal Award…Quote from Kalam, "I wondered What Can I Give with the Rs. 1 Crore of the awards? Decided to give it to the four projects across the nation, which are creating an impact at the grass root…. 25 lakh to each …

Agastya International Foundation for Rural Mobile Science Laboratories for Bihar villages, Amar Seva Sangam for Educating rural disabled children in Tamil Nadu, The Little Hearts Care Foundation for Treatment of ailing hearts of needy rural children, and to Government Public Libraries in Rameshwaram and Pamban in Tamil Nadu for enhancing library facilities with computers and books. Wherever you are ask yourself, What Can I Give.. What Can I Give… What Can I Give."

Pls. visit us on Face book: http://www.facebook.com/HandiCareIntl#  and join us.

Please mark the date SEPT. 22, 2012 on your calendar and join us to celebrate HCI's 20th anniversary !!

News: Mc Gill University of Montreal has recognized us and has approved the "Clinical Placements" of Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy students. This is similar to the program we have with Mc Master. Thanks to our volunteer Ms. Kamakshi Ganesan, who facilitated this process. We want to have the same done with other universities as well. If you know the contact for Clinical Placement Coordinators of other universities, Pls. let us know. This is a great opportunity for Canadian youth participation in India, which is seriously lacking. Most universities and student volunteers are unaware of any well run programs in India.

We have launched a new web page just for our Volunteer and Clinical placements: www.handicareintl.org/volunteer Please take a look and pass this info on to your friends and family who may have suitable candidates