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NEWSLETTER - 78- Aug. 8, 2012 

  • Our Focal project of this year - "Centre For Early Intervension" is in full swing. The building construction has started with an initial donation from us. The foundation stone for this building was laid by H H Shri. Sringeri Sankaracharya in May 2012. We are very confident that we can count on your support to finish the building in 6 months. Please feel generous to support this project, so building can start soon. Read more.... In the mean time, treatments have started for young children who are below 5 at Amar Seva Sangam and they are using any available space from the "Centre For Special Education" - built by us in 2009.

    Don't miss out on the fabulous entertainment by professional artists and the Indian cuisine!!
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  • We like to bring to your attention and express our gratitude for the successful completion of our previous building projects: -

    • Post Tsunami rebuild - in 8 months at Thonithurai in 2006. This was possible by the successful fundraising campaign by Mr. Kumar Subramaniam (then a Director on our board) and the income generated by the combined efforts with MACA, Toronto. An excellent play - www.marriage.com was staged by Dr. Raghuraman and troup. 17 homes were built and 17 stranded families were settled in. I visited them in 2010 and they are very happy and grateful to us.

    • Building the "Centre For Special Education" - in 6 months in 2009. This was a major dream come true project, initiated and envisioned by our Canadian student volunteers. 100 developmentally challenged children are educated and rehabilitated in this centre and 23 of them have shown significant improvement in cognition and motor skills that they are integrated in to the regular school system.

    • Just completing the "School Expansion Project" - in less than 6 months - at a cost of $72,000 - completely funded by our dedicated donors Read more.... .

  • Donors to Handi Care Intl. are often assured that more than 97% of their donations are applied directly to charitable programs. Because HCI is completely volunteer driven and the office is run from the Prsident's home, we are able to maintain this high level of disbursement and low level of admin expenses. I happen to come across this several page article in the "Money Sense" - summer 2012 - magazine and I extracted some relevant data from there to share with you...The article gives a comprehensive analysis of several factors for the top 100 charities in Canada. These are leading charities with millions of $s in revenue with staff and overhead expenses. HCI is minute in comparison. However, I decided to compile a chart for the benefit of all of you who do make donations to other charities. The intent of this chart is to help you decide where to give. 85% and more going to charitable programs is considered to be very efficient. I was totally taken aback when I saw that Canadian Diabetic Association spends only 44.7% on charitable programs and spends $55.6 to raise $100 and several more stats..... read more . This is not to deter you from making donations to those well established reputable charities, but to just create awareness, that you have a choice.

  • We invite donors to donate brand new or salable items for our Silent auction table - Popular items include Paintings, Wall hangings, Household items, Saris, Suits, shawls, costume jewelry etc.. Pls. contact us by e-mail or phone, if you have something to donate. We greatly appreciate your generousity.

  • We also welcome donations of items for raffle, door prizes....
  • We like to inform you that our children who are supported by HCI, have all passed the 10th std. board exman and achieved 100% success rate!! Here are the top 5 rank holders
  • It came to our attention that many of you are not receiving our newsletters.. We have taken some steps to overcome that problem. Pls. read some of our past newsletters...
  • Newsletter 76 - Dr. Abdul Kalam makes a big donation to Amar Seva Sangam
  • Newsletter 75 - Our enhanced Volunteer placement program website launched