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Newsletter- 80 Sep. 30, 2012

New Initiatives by Handi-Care Intl.

“Hand Your Bags to Handi Care”

We are also very conscious about environmental issues… What we do today greatly affects the lives of our future generation… Among other things, I am sure that most of us are doing things to minimize the plastic wastage. We have something very unique and interesting to offer….  We are starting a new initiative….. “Hand your bags to Handi Care”….. It is to recycle the outer printed milk bags.

There are groups who are making mats from these bags and donating them to persons of need in Haiti. These plastic bags are UV resistant and bug resistant, making them suitable for domestic usage as mats, shopping bags etc. 

All you need to do is to dry these outer printed milk bags, flatten them and hand them over to Handi-Care. This can be done by handing them over to designated volunteers in your area. We will provide you with more info soon. We take this opportunity to thank Chitra & Kunal Shah for bringing up this project to our attention and the implementation of this will be with their help. MORE...

Something for the Seniors…….“BRINDAVAN”

With aging population and changing demography, there is a definite need to address the needs of our senior citizens. HANDI CARE INTL. proudly launches a program called “Brindavan”. We wish to provide our Seniors with social and cultural experiences which are associated with our history, culture and values.  This program is designed to bring Seniors to come together and become part of Brindavan family.  As a family we will share, learn, grow and support each other through networking at various events.

We invite our seniors to Brindavan, a cultural and social heritage for seniors of South Asian origin. Please sign up HERE. We will contact you once we have a program in place. Thank you.

We like you to take a look at the link http://chhandayancanada.org/concerts/?id=91&eid=54

This is a classical music program where our community members are participating. Your support is requested by the artist.

Fundraiser 2012 - Sep. 22, 2012

The fundraising event on Sat. Sept. 22, 2012, was a grand success, marked by remarkable performances by

Ms. Shyamala Ram
Ms. Shobha Shekhar
The SUR group - Rohin Iyer, Siddharth Venkataraman &
Lakshmi Venkataraman
RamyaLaya Dance Academy
Sanskriti Dance Academy

We thank all the performers, the little 4 to 6 year olds to teens to young adults for staging such an awesome performance. Click here to see pictures


Our heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone for your unflinching support for our endeavor to build a centre for "Early Intervention & Sensory Integration" for very young children from age 0 to 5, affected by developmental challenges. MORE....

The fundraising campaign for this project this year is a great success!! We have raised over $50,000 for this project and the building is underway...
We like to acknowledge the major donors who sponsored either a ROOM or a BLOCK for $15,000 or $10,000 respectively. Their names will be inscribed on the walls and this is something they will leave behind for ever to serve hundreds of small children with developmental challenges. There are several more large hearted donors who filled in the gap with healthy donations. We would like to acknowledge these sponsors as well.
Click here to see details


During this campaign and as of now, We have added more new donors for the "Adopt A Child" program and most of our sponsors for the "Sponsor A Youth" program have renewed their sponsorships for 2012- 2013. Please visit those pages for details.


Your donations to HCI are tax deductible and did you know that on an average, you are receiving a refund of about 45% of your donations in excess of $200? READ MORE


I hope each family took our special souvenir-a 15 month calendar. This is the brain child of Dr. Dinesh Krishna who has been to ASSA a number of times and felt that the happy children at ASSA will steal your hearts and send you the message “Love is what we feel here… and Love is what we have for you…. We can conquer any adversities with LOVE”. This calendar will do just that…We have also added important festival dates on the calendar, adjusted to Toronto time. You may find that useful…