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Newsletter- 83 Feb. 2013

Both our buildings inaugurated !!

Feb. 5th and 6th, 2013, marked a milestone for Handi-Care Intl. Your generousity, trust and compassion were well rewarded by Amar Seva Sangam's unflinching commitment to serve the poor and differently abled children. Two beautiful buildings were built in 2012 - High school class rooms with a science lab and the much needed "Early Intervention Centre".

Besides myself and my husband, Meena Suppiah and Gita Sankaran (board members of HCI) graced the events and participated enthusiastically in the inaugurations. With 3 OT students from Mc Gill (doing clinical placements), 1 volunteer from Edmonton, ex-volunteer Jeeva and a visitor Yogi Thambiraja from Toronto - we had a significant Canadian presence. Please view our photo shows by clicking below:

Inauguration of Early Intervention Centre

Inauguration of High school building

The school is in full swing with buzzing class room activities and the EIC has started functioning. 22 small children are enrolled in the program. Click here to see children under sponsorship as well as children in the waiting list. Please consider sponsoring a child from the list.

I take this opprtunity to thank each of you for your contributions and commitment.

Sulo Krishnamurthy

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