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Newsletter- 84 - April 14, 2013


Wishing You a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous - Year "VIJAYA" !!

We wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous VIJAYA year and pray that this year shower us with victory over evils and all around peace in the world.

We are inviting applications for the "Volunteer India" program and for "Clinical Placements" of OT & PT (Occupational & Physio therapists) for the upcoming summer / fall season. Please visit "Volunteer India" section for details and to send the applications thru. We had placed 4 OTs in clinical placements and other volunteers in recent months... Please read their commentaries....

"I enjoyed Everything!!! I have met so many amazing people, both staff and children and people staying here. I have bonded with many of the people and I enjoy the collective aspect of being here. ASSA is like a small village. It is a society of its own. I enjoyed walking form building to building and saying hi to everyone on the way. I would definitely recommend this placement because it has done a lot for me both on a professional and personal level. Every person will experience it differently, but regardless of how you experience it, something positive is bound to come from it!" - Katrina -OT from McGill Read More....

Going forward, we are very excited to share with you many a success stories. I just returned from India, after 3 months, a majority of which was spent with children at Amar Seva Sangam and at Maithri. It was heart warming stories all over..Students we had sponsored from a very young age of 4 or 5 are now independent young adults, working and earning their own living. Please visit our success stories section.

The 2 buildings we built and inaugurated in 2012 - 2013 are fully utilized by ASSA and our "Early Intervention Centre" is lauded as the model institution in the entire region and the state of Tamil Nadu. It has already been visited by top professionals in the field .... Activities are in full swing and we request you to take a look and be inspired to sponsor a young child.... Please click here

We are planning to conduct our annual fundraiser on October 20th... Pls. inform us if this date is clashing with any other major community events... We also need volunteers to help us with this event. Please get in touch with us, by replying to this e-mail. Thank you

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