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Newsletter- 85 July 2013


We wish you all a happy and enjoyable summer !! As everyone is enjoying the summer, the outdoors, traveling and basking in the Sun, we at Handi-Care Intl. are planning our next fundraising event.

Please mark your calendars and set up reminders and mark


for an evening of delicious dinner and marvelous entertainment.

Venue: SVBF Auditorium, 80, Brydon Dr., Etobicoke. Time: 5:30 PM

Our last year's fundraiser was focused on raising funds to build an "Early Intervention Centre" for children born with developmental issues, such as Cerebral palsy, Autism, Downs syndrome and the like. The early intervention rehab is provided free of charge to rural poor families at Amar Seva Sangam in India, by well trained and qualified professionals. Please click here to see some of the rehab activities. This year, we will focus on:

  1. Sponsoring as many of the 200 or so children waiting to enroll in to the program.
  2. Enable hiring of additional qualified therapists to offer rehab therapies.
  3. Purchase adaptive equipments to enable quality therapy.

OT /PT Students from McGill University, Montreal had successfully completed their 2 month clinical placements at Amar Seva sangan, facilitated by handi-Care Intl. Please click here to read about their experience and see the photos.
We accept applications all year round for volunteer and clinical placements. Please visit www.handicareintl.org/volunteer

News from our local supportive community:

Mr. Kal Sathi, a prominent member of our community and a strong supporter of Handi- Care Intl. for the many years, passed away peacefully on June 24, 2013. You can read more...

As per his wishes, a beautiful cow with a brand new calf was donated to Amar Seva sangam on Friday, July 6, 2013; followed by "Campus feeding" of almost 500 disabled children, youth and staff. Everyone offered a prayer of gratitude and best wishes for the family and were fed delicious meals. The beautiful calf (female) has been named "Gomathi" as per Mrs. Shantha Sathi's wish. The cow produces several litres of milk in a day to help feed the resident disabled children and youth at Amar Seva Sangam. All the residents and staff are extremely grateful for this magnificent donation. Click below for photos

Go Dhaan - Cow donation on July 5, 2013

Campus feeding on July 6, 2013

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