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Newsletter- 89- Nov. 2013

Our Annual fundraising event on

November 23rd was a grand Success !!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU !!!

Thank you for your nice words of appreciation, your encouragement and above all your unflinching support of HCI's endeavours !!

On Saturday, our donors cane forward to sponsor 9 children from our Early Intervention Centre !! As of now, we have sponsored 16 children out of 50. We are confident that the rest will be sponsored soon!!

Many many thanks to all our performers !!

Each performance was exceptional and very well received by the audience !!

Thanks to Yuveca group for starting on a right note with Lord's blessings !!

Great performance by small adorable children of RamyaLaya ....!!

Many thanks to Mr. Venky Iyer for such an enchanting music & to Netra Unni !!

Srinithi Raghavan's performance was nothing short of breathtaking !!

Special thanks to our GREEK DANCE performers for one of a kind show !! - You captured our audience's heartbeats !!

You can see a glimpse by clicking here...

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