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Newsletter- 97- NOVEMBER 5, 2014


Our goal is to raise sponsorship funds for the Early Intervention of 100 children with developmental delays in the next 2 years.

You have helped us to sponsor 20 of these children so far..

We are sure to reach our goal with your help..

Highlights of the fundraising event.....(photos to be uploaded soon)

Please take a look at the list of children waiting to be sponsored so they can receive timely intervention


News from our local supportive community: 


Meena and Srinivasan (Secretary, HCI) - long standing supporters of HCI, decided to give their son a very special Birthday gift. They donated Devi (mother cow) and Seetha (calf) - both names chosen by their 4 year old grand son. The newly added milk yielding cows are a great gifts to the children of Amar Seva Sangam. Click here for Photos

Little 5 year old Kesava Ranganathan wanted a special birthday gift... He wanted a cow, a real cow, like the one Lord Krishna was playing with, so the milk and butter can be given away to poor children whose parents can not afford the same. His wise grand parents - Saroja and Dr. Ranganathan came up with a perfect idea.... to donate a cow with her calf to AMAR SEVA SANGAM, where more than 300 children can have milk, yogurt and butter.... So, they did just that... Donated a young mother cow with an almost newly born calf on Kesava's 5th birthday.... Kesava is thrilled to see the pictures.....

Other NEWS:

  • UNITED WAY CONTRIBUTIONS - At your work place, when you make donations to United Way, please designate Handi-Care Intl. as the beneficiary. Some companies do the donation matching as well. The following info may be required to do so..

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  • Encourage the students in your family to apply for HCI's VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT. We are taking applications for 2015 placements