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NEWSLETTER - 55 April 2010  



 Join us on

SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2010 at 5:30pm

For Family Dinner, Show,  Raffle prizes,

Silent Auction of Exclusive items and more...

Highlight of the evening:

Presentation by

 "Panwar Music & Dance Academy"


SAGAN  Convention Centre  &  Banquet Hall

7180 Edwards Blvd.,  Mississauga, On, L551Z1

Tel : 905 670 5220


SPONSORSHIP of the Event is invited at $3000, $1000, $500 & $250

(Fully tax-deductible along with invitations to dinner)


Ticket :  Adults:  $50 Children:  $15 (5-10 yrs.)


        For Tickets, Sponsorship and Info E-mail us at

  or Call:


HCI     :  416-913-6555            Meena  :  905-887-4574

Balan  :  416-220-9030            Arun      :  905-886-9269




The world has been a better place to live, because you have made a difference in the lives of so many deserving children....


As we are gearing to the upcoming fund raising campaign, we need all the help and support we can get from you. Below is the goal we have set for the upcoming year.


Goal for 2010 -2011

  • Sponsor as many more children from our Centre For Special Education. More....Adopt A Child

  • Sponsor at least 5 poor young adults who are victims of spinal cord injury, mainly due to accidents. They are rendered Quadriplegic or Paraplegic and any form of proper post acute care is denied to them due to poverty. These bright young men end up wasting their lives in beds and at best in wheelchairs. Amar Seva Sangam is doing a remarkable job on these young victims..... MORE...

  • Continue sponsorship of disabled youth under "Sponsor A Youth"

  • Continue sponsorship of 45 poor bright students at Maithri... here

  • Recruit more Canadian volunteers to work at our projects.


How well did we fare in our promises to utilize your

generous donations?

  • Again, we maintained an admin expense of less than 2% of your donations in 2009. Better than 98% is going directly to our charitable activities.

  • The focus of our fundraising in 2009 was to sponsor as many children as possible at our new "Centre for Special Education" and at Maithri. 23 children have been newly sponsored under "Adopt A Child" scheme at Amar Seva Sangam. Visit Adopt A Child and follow various links for more info.

  • We have an yearly commitment to sponsor the higher education / Vocational training of 25 disabled youth at Amar Seva Sangam & 44 poor, bright children at Maithri. We kept that commitment and did better in 2009.  We got 2 additional sponsorships under "Sponsor A Youth" scheme to a total of 27. Visit "Sponsor A Youth" to get more info.

  • At Maithri, we have sponsored the education of the same children since 2000 and now we are reaping the rewards. 2 boys are in reputed Engineering colleges. One is getting ready to write CA inter, 2 are in final year B.Com. The rest are progressing well towards such goals. Visit here to get more info.

  • In 2008, we focused on raising funds to build the "Centre for Special Education". It was a lofty goal for us, since the price of construction almost doubled from the 2006 estimate, when we had initiated the process. We came through fine.... thanks to you.... and finished the entire building and the inauguration was on May 8, 2009. Visit "CSE" for up to date info.

  • In 2005, we staged a fundraising drive to rebuild a village - Thonithurai - that was demolished by the tsunami.. We completed the reconstruction and resettled people by 2006 Click here for more.

We sincerely thank everyone of you & the various groups who donated their valuable talents by staging spectacular items for us.