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NEWSLETTER - 69 - Oct 1 2011 


We are happy to announce that our President Sulo Krishnamurthy received “Parama Guru” award for “20 years of dedicated service to the rural poor in India from abroad” from “Annai Varahi Trust” in Chennai on Sept. 26th. In a ceremony held by the trust, other awards were presented to recipients including one to Dr. Sumathi of Amar Seva Sangam for her contributions to the “Design & Implementation of Educational Programs” for the rural poor and physically & developmentally challenged children and youth. Click here to see photos

Message from Sulo Krishnamurthy:

“I am deeply moved by this recognition and want to declare that this is an award for Handi- Care Intl., all of its members, donors & supporters. It has been a group effort and I thank each of you immensely for trusting and supporting our initiatives and commitments. Each year when I visit India and see the significant impact in the smiling faces of children, great individual success stories and in the pride of teaching and rehab staff, my commitment just deepens and HCI’s team instantly backs me up. I thank God for the opportunity he has given me in this life time and hope to be able to continue for a few more years.”