Handi-Care Intl.


About Us

We focus on:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Research

We do this by:

  • Raising Awareness
  • Partnerships
  • Fundraising

Years of service

Devices Donated
Canadian Student Placements
Children Positively Impacted by EI
Canadian Professionals Volunteered
Sponsored Meals/Year
Children Sponsored
youth with disabilities are Employed

HCI’s Mission and Vision

Helping disadvantaged children and youth with special needs through education, rehabilitation and training to empower and integrate them with the mainstream community.

To raise awareness about and empower disadvantaged persons.

Relieving poverty by providing housing and related facilities for those with special needs and for those who are destitute.

Accelerate support to NGOs in India for projects that come under HCI’s mandate. Facilitate internship placements for Canadian graduate students from Canadian universities, share knowledge base information with families in Canada with children with disabilities.

About Handi-Care Intl.

Handi-Care Intl. (HCI) was born as an off-shoot of a major undertaking by 2 extraordinary young men, S. Ramakrishnan & Sankara Raman, who in spite of their own disabilities, were able to create a community for other disabled individuals. Their unflinching commitment to empower these individuals lead to building an organization that educates, rehabilitates & trains disabled individuals to become independent & employable. The center they have built – Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA) is an unique establishment that offers rehab work for over 600 villages in rural, developing areas in Tamil Nadu, India. Learn more about ASSA

Handi-Care Intl. was founded as a Canadian registered charity in 1992 by Sulo Krishnamurthy, who took a keen interest in helping Amar Seva Sangam develop and to take on similar other projects for helping the poor and needy. Since then, HCI has grown and expanded its wings to reach out to other organizations as well.

Front Line (L to R) – Meena Suppiah, Gita Sankaran, Sulo Krishnamurthy Back Line (L to R) – Arun Luthra, Balan Manian, Srini Srinivasan, Dinesh Krishna, Sundra Rajan

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