Sponsor a youth – SAY

Disabled youth between the ages 16 and 25 are recruited under this scheme. They are trained under various categories according to their capacity at Amar Seva Sangam in their various facilities for training, which includes University level education, Diploma courses, Handicrafts, Tailoring, Cell phone repairs, Mechanical repairs, Carpentry and other. Upon successful completion, the youth are given opportunities to be gainfully employed with various employers or ASSA helps them to set up their own small business.

  1. Many youth are high school graduates and are enrolled in various Degree and Diploma programs, carefully chosen for individual abilities and opportunities. The courses are accredited by IGNOU (INDIARA GANGHI OPEN UNIVERSITY) and by Alagappa University. The faculties include, BCA, MCA, BCOM, BA and MA.

  2. Some are grade 10 graduates and placed in Vocational Training, in computers, mechanical repairs, typing, data entry, sewing, crafts book making and so on.

  3. A third category consists of children coming out of our Centre For Special Education, who need training in certain areas that can enable them to be gainfully employed.

$600 CDN will train one disabled youth for a full year, including boarding & lodging in a hostel facility within Amar Seva Sangam campus.  HCI started supporting this program in 2002 and since then, we have consistently  sponsored 25 to 30 youth per year, leading to many many success stories. As of 2018-2019 , 164 disabled youth have completed the training and found employment.

Vocational Training activities