Thonithurai in Kuddalore District (2006). 

Tsunami Response Program

Our “Adopt a Village” project at Thonithurai in Cuddalore District was completed in 2006. It was performed with the assistance of CREED (Centre for Rural Education and Economic Development) – an organization with standing experience in the development sector for more than two decades, in addressing the Tsunami Response Program in Chidambaram region of Cuddalore District in the state of Tamil Nadu, S. India. Click here to view CREED’s Project Completion Report.

Rebuilding Thonithurai

Thonithurai was rebuilt for 17 families. The construction work started in 2006. The past President of Handi-Care International, Mr. P. Shankaran, and Gita Sankaran visited the premises in January 2007. View the photos taken during the visit in Jan. 2009 (left).

Before and After

The houses were put under the names of the women of the families to ensure the protection of the women and children should anything happen to the husband or as a result of the husbands actions. Watch the video (right) to view the before and after photos of the 17 assisted families.