In 2015, for the first time, HCI started sending Canadian volunteers  OTs, PTs and SLPs  to India, along with Canadian OT, PTand SLP students and on their own as volunteer therapists. From 2015 to 2022, a total of 62  OTs,  PTs and SLPs, from Canada, USA and Australia, have volunteered at ASSA. They have provided mentorship and supervision to the Canadian OT, PT students and to the OTs, special educators, SLP, PTs and other service proviers at ASSA. In addition, they have provided direct client interventions and support. This has been done with keeping sustainability in mind – i.e. trying to exchange knowledge with staff at ASSA on their interventions, so that it can continue on, even after their departure. In addition, it has been an enriching and learning  experience for the Canadian volunteers.

With the 10 Canadian university affiliations, we expect to have students from Jan – Dec in any given year.

The role of the Canadian OT, PT, SLP will be to supervise OT, PT, SLP students and provide bedside mentorship and providing advanced skills or information to the PTs, OT, Speech trainers, special educators and interventionists working at ASSA, with the goal of improving the care and treatment they provide. They may also be asked to conduct or support students in conducting seminars / workshops for the PTs, OT, speech trainers and special educators. Direct client care will also take place and we hope to ensure a smooth transition of client care issues between incoming and outgoing Canadian OTs, PTs, Speech trainers so that service continuity is present.

Direct client care will be a greater focus when Canadian PTs, OTs, SLPs are at ASSA without Canadian students. That being said, a large focus is still on mentorship and teaching for both ASSA staff and Canadian students, so that the work done makes a sustainable difference over the long term. The area of focus can be tailored towards the Canadian therapist experience / interest.

As client care is always performed alongside a licensed rehabilitation or health professional in India, Canadian OTs, PTs and SLPs are not required to register with the licensing body in India.

In addition to Canadian rehab professionals, we have also had volunteers from USA, Australia, UK and Italy and welcome other international volunteers,

There are 40 PTs, 3 OTs, 1 SLP, 4 speech trainers  and 170 Community Rehab workers at ASSA.  

Orientation Manual for students and Prof. volunteers: You can select the Orientation Manual tab at

Requirements from applicants:

Professional volunteers are not charged a fee, but are welcome to give a donation to cover the cost of accommodation. A donation of $300 is recommended per week of volunteering, payable to Handi-Care Intl. . Tax receipt will be provided.

An application to be filed with HCI. Click here for Application. 

Note: You must have a valid gmail e-mail ID, to be able to proceed with filling the application. If you do not have one, please contact us at

Feedback form to be completed and submitted to HCI and the end of the placement.

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