Amar Seva Sangam

"Run by the disabled, for the disabled"

ASSA founded in 1981 (the “Year for the Disabled”) was envisioned, created and successfully run by two visionaries, the president Mr. Ramakrishnan, a quadriplegic with total paralysis from neck down and the dynamic architect and the secretary cum master mind of the organization Mr. Sankara Raman C.A, confined to a wheel chair with Muscular Dystrophy. Both render honorary services to ASSA. Click here to learn more about our visionaries.

A Whole New World

Inside this elegant entrance, ASSA is situated at the foothills of a small mountain range, at the outskirts of a village called Ayikudy, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. ASSA now owns the 30 acre land with several buildings. The land was bought over a 12 year period, with money coming from private donations. With clean air to breathe, spring water to drink,  homegrown vegetables to eat and alonside a beautiful flower garden, it is no wonder that the school is able to transform these children to happy, playful, spirited children with the abundance of love and care they receive. They grow to become confident, independent individuals who are now walking, studying in school, and successfully working.

Community Based Rehabilitation and Rural Development

ASSA facilities include a integrated schools – from Nursery to Grade 12, vocational training centres, and multi-faceted rehabilitation centres, including a newly established “Early Intervention Centre” for children below age 5. Trained counselors guide the people of the community with an infrastructure in place to educate & motivate the villagers on various aspects of improving their economic situation while providing education on prevention and care of disabling diseases. The rehabilitation would be incomplete without the successful implementation of programs in all the above areas. ASSA has proved itself by succeeding in their endeavor and continuing to do so.

10-2-169 Tenkasi Road,  AYIKUDY, TENKASI DIST, Tamil Nadu, India, PIN – 627852

Tel: 91-( 04633) – 249170, 249180 Cell: 99444 59170, Seetha – 80567 51430 Suresh – 8883790610 Rajeswaran – 8870010078


Direction to Amar Seva Sangam

Easy access points :

  • From Bangalore to Madurai by Madurai Bangalore Express
  • Overnight train – Pothigai to & from Chennai to Tenkasi
  • Ayikudy is 6km from Tenkasi
  • ASSA will arrange pick up from Tenkasi Station
  • 3 hrs by car from Trivandrum
  • 3 hrs by car from Madurai

The search for eternal youth has to be a human imagination since times accident the search for eternal .

Early Intervention is offered to around 5000 children (Age 0 to 10), with developmental delays.

Early Intervention is offered to around 350 children (Age 0 to 5), with developmental delays.

Integrated schools offer formal education from Nursery to Grade 12 for over 900 children (about 10% disabled).

Special Education is conducted for 150 developmentally challenged children above age 6.

Higher Education of degree and diploma courses at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi open Uni.) & Alagappa Uni for 100 students per year.

Home Care is offered for up to 100 physically and developmentally challenged individuals.

Higher Education of degree and diploma courses at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi open Uni.) & Alagappa Uni for 100 students per year.

A centre holding 16 patients for accident victims (quadriplegic & paraplegic), who receive complete rehabilitation & vocational training for free. 

Early Intervention

There was a compelling need to offer Early Intervention to small children below age 10, before they are enrolled in to the Special Education at CSE. Children with developmental delays in the neighbouring community from poor families, have no access to free, quality treatment. Hence,

HCI built the centre within ASSA campus in 2012. Since then 5000 children have been identified for treatment and enrolled through the operating through 4 centres. Click here for complete info.

Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Center, is led by a physiatrist and a medical team who assess and recommend the course of treatment for all children and youth under ASSA’s care. The center is also open to all who can not afford to pay the fee to regular clinics. The center has successfully rehabilitated several children from Stage I (those who come in crawling with weak limbs) to Stage II (completion of corrective surgery, walking with fitted Calipers, aided by crutches) to Stage III (integration with the community). This center has 5 extensions.

Extension 1 – Prosthetic Aids:

ASSA has several hundred beneficiaries that have received prosthetic aids manufactured and maintained at their facility “G. Fisher Caliper Making Unit”, that runs under the “Vocational Training” umbrella. Calipers, Crutches and other orthopedic aids are manufactured using the modern plastic molding technology and given free of charge to needy disabled persons. In 1998, more than 3000 calipers and prosthetic aids were manufactured and maintained by ASSA.

Extension 2 – Community Rehabilitation Program:

ASSA has launched a Community Rehabilitation Program,” through which over 1000 individuals have benefited. Please Visit: and follow links to activities for current stats and activities.

Extension 3 – Prevention and Early Detection:

Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention Program: This Program is jointly run with Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu Chennai. Doctors, village health nurses, and dieticians are involved in executing the program. ASSA has targeted a disability free district in the next 3 years. This Program is aided by the Govt. of Australia. The efforts taken by ASSA in prevention of Polio since 1985 and by the state through “Polio Plus” program since 1995 have been very successful. There has not been a single Polio case in the past 2 years in the area serviced by ASSA.

Extension 4 – Physiotherapy Center and Hostel:

The Physiotherapy Centre and hostel for the disabled was constructed with the Govt. of Japan grant and is equipped by the grant from Rotary Intl. The facility is in extensive use by both Mentally and Physically challenged children at ASSA, persons under outreach and daycare programs. The facility is also open to anyone in need of therapy. The center is headed by a qualified Physiatrist and doctor.

School – Nursery to Grade XII – Integrated school

Handi-Care Intl. has heavily invested in building schooling facilities for the rural children with the emphasis on accessibilities for the disabled. HCI donated to the main school building at Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA) facility from 1992 to 1995. In 1999, HCI played a major role in acquiring a generous grant from Indian Overseas Bank in Chennai to build the elementary school, which was being held at a thatched hut in the village.

The School, housed in a thatched shed had only five children, was shifted to a proper building located within the ASSA campus and was accorded recognition by the Tamil Nadu State Government in the year 1991. It has become a well reputed middle school with standards I to IX. The total strength as on date is over 860 and the school is open to the community. Fifty of the students who are disabled are also under the “Home Care” program. Fully qualified teachers offer high quality education.

Qualified personnel impart craft and physical education. Mass drill and march-past form an important aspect of physical education. The pupils have participated and won several prizes at the state level competitions in debate, elocution, sports, music and cultural competitions conducted under the auspices of various organizations. The disabled pupils residing at ASSA get not only quality education, but the opportunity to interact and compete with their normal healthy classmates and hence develop their social habits in a constructive manner. The goal is to integrate the Handicapped with the society and make them independent in every possible way. For more on this facility and current stats visit : and follow the link to

Higher Education at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) & Alagappa University Campuses

College & University level courses are offered to disabled youth at the IGNOU & Alagappa University campuses built within Amar Seva Sangam. Computer education is the main focus at these centres. Accounting, Commerce and other majors are also offered. 100 disabled students receive training free of cost at this centre and qualified teaching staff offer high quality education.

HCI has supported this endeavor since 2004 and sponsors 25 youth per year under “Sponsor A Youth” program.

Home Care

Home care is an in house facility for over 100 boys and girls. Children and young adults with moderate to severe disabilities live on campus. They attend school, college, university, and vocational training programs run by ASSA. They receive complete medical and prosthetic care, physiotherapy and rehab services. They participate in extracurricular activities and in state or region wide competitions. Many of them winning prizes & medals!

Centre for Spinal Cord Injured (SCI)

Amar Seva Sangam, launched a new initiative in 2007 – “Centre for Spinal Cord Injured”. This project was launched after much consideration, based on the dire need for such a service in the rural district. Poor, rural individuals who encountered unfortunate accidents and sustained severe spinal cord injuries, needed a rehab centre with quality service by dedicated trained staff. Most of these accident victims have become Quadriplegic (paralyzed from neck down) or Paraplegic (paralyzed from waist down). With proper care and intense physiotherapy, the recovery could be remarkable, to the extent that they can have the use of their arms, learn computer applications and eventually become fit for employment. Amar Seva Sangam has taken huge strides in achieving this. The success rate is remarkable.

Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

VTC has 6 different training facilities (Computer Centre, Typing Centre, Two Wheeler Mechanic- Training Centre, Note Book Making & Binding Centres, Caliper Workshop Training Centre, Handicrafts & Toy Making) . Buildings and equipment were funded by the Nippon grant and grants from IDBI and ICICI. Each sub-centre offers training in specific areas, free of charge to the disabled youth in order to equip them with job skills. These centres are open to normal and paying students as well. The fee collected is utilized for maintenance and development.

The Computer Centre comprises a total of 316 youth who have received “Computer Training” – 40 of which were disabled. As well, 14 disabled and 40 non-disabled youth have received training in typewriting. ASSA also makes and repairs the calipers used by the disabled children providing vocational training and job opportunities in the process. They are able to cut the cost by more than 50% than if they were to order from outside sources. Similar achievements have been made in the other divisions.

Awards for the Institution and to Mr.Ramakrishnan & Mr. Sankara Raman

“National Award for the Welfare of people with Disabilities” to Mr. Ramakrishnan by Former President Shri Abdul Kalam, on 2002.

“HELLEN KELLER AWARD” to Sankara Raman – Dec. 2, 2005 at New Delhi.

Best Institution for Women’s Welfare Award Received from Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Tamilnadu at Fort.St.George, Chennai on 15th August received by Secretary Sri.S.Sankara Raman.

“Super Idol” award to Sankara Raman by CNN IBN on Jan 19, 2010

Award for ”Excellence In Human Endeavour” by Hon’ble President of India, Smt.Prathibha Patil, on 19th may 2008..

“Best Organization Award “to Mr.Sankara Raman by Smt.Meira Kumar, Hon’ble Minister of Social Justice empowerment , Govt of India.

“Best Prize award in the Social Service” Award to Mr.S Sankara Raman by Selvi J Jayalalitha, Ex. Chief Minister of TamilNadu, (15th August 2004).

“State Bank of India, Mumbai Received Sri S. Sankara Raman on 01.07.2013.

You can donate directly to Amar Seva Sangam in Indian Rupees. The receipt will be issued by ASSA in Rupees. You should provide your name and address in India where they will send the receipt. You can send then an email to with details of how you want the money be used. Following are the bank details where you can transfer directly. Handi-Care will not be able to issue receipt for this donation.

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The buildings, equipment and all other project expenses are funded by individual and corporate donors.  To mention the top corporate donors:

Heart & Hand for the HandicappedCANARA BANK
Indian Overseas BankASHA FOR EDUCATION