Past Projects

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Learn about the efforts taken by Handi-Care Intl. for the COVID-19 pandemic, including donations and relief supplies.

ASSA added another brand new Tailoring unit and inaugurated it in Feb. 2017. The tailoring centre is constructed and equipped with accessible imported sewing machines.

A center that provides accommodation for staff and
employees with severe disabilities at ASSA, since accessible housing in the village is unavailable. 

HCI is committed to offer quality education to the underprivileged children and the success of such an endeavor is monumental as we have proved in the past years.

Thonithurai was rebuilt addressing the Tsunami Response Program in Chidambaram region of Cuddalore District in the state of Tamil Nadu, S. India. 

Taurus 3D came to Amar Seva Sangam, to educate the medical professionals and clinicians on how to use 3D printing to provide inexpensive 3D printed prosthetics for their community. 

This centre provides an indispensable service to economically disadvantaged individuals who have sustained severe spinal cord injuries and are quadriplegic  or paraplegic.

Our Centre for Special Education is dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of developmentally challenged children. 

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