Siva Saraswathi Vidhyalaya High School

School Expansion Project 2012-2016

HCI is committed to offer quality education to the underprivileged children and the success of such an endeavor is monumental as we have proved in the past years.

School Inauguration

The official inauguration of building took place on Feb. 5th 2013. From HCI, 3 directors were present to partake in the inauguration ceremonies Sulo Krishnamurthy President, Meena Suppiah Vice President and Gita Sankaran Director. Thank to our sponsors who contributed to this enormous project in such a short notice. We acknowledge the donors:

  • Mrs. Shanthi & Dr. Anil Kumar Menon One class room
  • Mr. & Mrs. Shantha Mosur in honour of her parents One class room

Check out the video (right) to watch the school inauguration. 

School Building and Activities

The large lab with special facilities is made possible by:

  • Mr. Balan Manian One block of the lab
  • Mrs. Gita Sankaran & family -One block of the lab
  • Dr. T.N & Mrs. Sulo Krishnamurthy One block of the lab
  • Mrs. Kavitha & Dr. Dinesh Krishna
  • Drs. Yegappan One block of the lab

Check out the video (left) to see school building and activities.

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