EARLY INTERVENTION - Child Sponsorship Program

Enabling Inclusion

We are sponsoring young children with disabilities to be able to access early intervention therapy services, through the award-winning Enabling Inclusion technology leveraged model. We are supporting children at Amar Seva Sangam and other NGOs supported by Amar Seva Sangam. As of August 15th, 2023, the program has been adopted by 10 NGOs across five states in India (Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Pondicherry, Assam, and Karnataka) and 3 institutions working in the Amhara region in Ethiopia. In addition to licensing to NGOs, horizontal scale-up was achieved through a partnership with the Tamil Nadu Department of Education!

  1. 7 Years GRANT: A donation of of $2500 (CAD) creates a "Grant" for one child.
    The money will be used over a 7 year period for complete rehabilitation services of the selected child. If the child gets discharged prior to the grant period, it will be transferred to another child.
  2. Yearly sponsorship: An annual donation of $400 (CAD) per child.
  3. Monthly sponsorship: A monthly donation of $35 (CAD) per child.

  1. Children age 0-10 with disabilities are admitted from very poor families, where the household income is very low.
  2. All services are offered free of cost to the children
  3. You can sponsor individual children from our waiting list.
  4. The EI app collects comprehensive data and outcomes on each child and reports of these children will be shared with donors twice a year.

  1. Technology infrastructure for Amar Seva Sangam and partner NGOs, including EI app hosting, maintenance and upgrades.
  2. Salaries for community rehabilitation workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists / trainers, coordinators, psychologists,  IT admin, office admin.
  3. Transportation charges for workers to go to children’s homes.
  4. Office Admin costs.
  5. Tablets for the rehab workers, computers for the office
  6. The services listed below.

  1. Holistic assessment and intervention planning for children with disabilities covering all their developmental domains.
  2. Parent support and training to integrate rehab activities into child’s daily live
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Occupational Therapy / Activities of Daily Living – feeding, toileting, etc.
  5. Speech Therapy
  6. Sensory integration (involving sensory stimulation for hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting).
  7. Special Education
  8. Vision and hearing therapy
  9. Assistive Device (i.e. wheelchair, walkers, hearing aids, etc.) assessments (please note that the devices are NOT covered)
  10. Environmental interventions (i.e. making home more accessible, sensitizing family members to the child’s disability)
  11. Psychological, and financial counseling for parents
  12. Social benefits – disability cards and welfare program connection
  13. Advocacy for school enrollment and integration through teacher training and school admin sensitization
  14. School and Classroom based interventions alongside their teacher and support workers
  15. Parent group formation for peer connection, motivation and advocacy 
  16. Awareness programs to the community to decrease disability stigma and promote child inclusion into society

  • A child graduates out of the Early Intervention program once they have achieved developmental milestones to an extent that further rehab is not necessary or that they can be integrated into existing school rehab program offered by the government or enrolled into Amar Seva Sangam’s integrated school or Centre For Special Education. This can happen at any age, but typically will occur between age 9-11 and usually take 4- 7 years.
  • Your 7 years GRANT amount will last for 7 years and will be used for another child that is on the wait list, if the first child graduates out of the program prior to 7 years.

  • A similar program in Canada with all the features listed above, costs upwards of $20,000 CAD, per child per year.
  • In our EI program, community rehab workers provide the mainstay of therapy through weekly visits, but are supported and guided by rehabilitation specialists. This ensures the highest quality and standards of services, while keeping costs lower.
  • ASSA is a very efficiently run organization with minimum overhead expenses and sincerely committed employees. The use of the EI app allows for efficient scheduling and maximizes the time spent by therapists with the patients and minimizes time spent on travel and office work.
  • We also place PT/OT/ speech therapy professional and student volunteers from Canada, USA, UK, Australia and Europe throughout the year who provide capacity building and support for the staff at Amar Seva Sangam. These volunteers also provide direct services to children and parents and collect or purchase equipment they bring to ASSA, resulting in a significant cost savings.

There are 9,000 children actively enrolled in these programs. 2,000 children have been successfully discharged. For us to run this program effectively, we need your help and sponsorship. Each child needs 4 to 7 years of early intervention to achieve their maximum potential and prepare them for school integration.

Service Data

Actively Enrolled
Children Successfully completed
Children Screened in Rural Areas
Workers Trained
Caregivers Empowered
Attended Awareness Programs
Benefitted in EI program