Life Care Centre

Amar seva Sangam has residential facilities for children and youth with disabilities. It also has a “Spinal Cord Injured Rehabilitation Center”. ASSA also has 2 guest houses that provide accommodation for visitors and volunteers. Yet, there was a major gap where no accommodation was available for staff and employees with severe disabilities. These are people who are fully committed their lives to ASSA. Most of them had entered ASSA as SCI patients. After spending the required time in rehab, they simultaneously got educated in Computer studies, Accounting, Commerce and so on and were given employment at ASSA. Unfortunately they had no support or abandoned by their families. Hence ASSA had to provide accommodation for them since accessible housing in the village was just not available. Also, these persons required a personal caregiver who would have access to nursing facilities and regular medical consultations and check ups along with daily therapy sessions.

Funders and donors were not forthcoming to fund for a building to accommodate this special group of individuals. In 2009, Sulo Krishnamurthy, husband Dr. T.N Krishnamurthy and family decided to fund this project just from donations from within the family. By 2014 the Center became a reality and was inaugurated in April 2015. It currently has 3 units of 900 sq. feet each, fully accessible with a large bedroom, a large living room, kitchen and 2 accessible bathrooms. Each unit can accommodate 2 persons and a caregiver. This building has the provision to add 2 or 3 more stories and an elevator.