Meet the extra ordinary individuals who make Handi-Care Intl. What it is today. 

Padma Sri Ramakrishnan

President, Padma Sri 2021

Rendered quadriplegic at age 21, after a fatal accident, Ramakrishnan decided that he would NOT let his life go wasted and do everything possible to help the children with disabilities in his village.

Supported by his family & friends, he started ASSA in 1981, the year of the Disabled. He started with 5 children, and started teaching them while providing them with food & shelter. He realized that education and knowledge are the main avenues to empower those with disabilities.

From 1981-91, the organization had a gradual and steady growth under his tender loving care. In 1992 Sri S. Sankara Raman joined ASSA as the hon. Secretary and with his phenomenal partnership, ASSA is growing exponentially. His service has been recognized nation-wide, with Padma Sri award in 2021.


Mr. Sankara Raman

Secretary C.A.

Confined to wheel chair from childhood with Muscular dystrophy, Sankara Raman is a brilliant Charted Accountant who had a flourishing practice by age 25. Sankara Raman went on to complete his CA, winning over a court order to be admitted to the CA studies, which was initially denied to him. As a devout social reformer, having faced & successfully overcome several challenges, he decided to join Mr. Ramakrishnan to make a dream come true.

Giving up his practice, he joined ASSA in 1991, only to revolutionize the whole rural community. His astute management skills, keen insight to tackle challenges, exceptional PR ability and inexorable drive to achieve the goal has seen ASSA grow multi-fold in just 6 years.Now ASSA is a Million dollar exemplary project, accomplished in all areas of Rural Rehabilitation, well on its way to realize, the Dream.

Sankara Raman has been conferred with many awards and tiles including Ratna Shiromani award from New Delhi, India.

Sulochana Krishnamurthy

Founder, President

Sulo Krishnamurthy, is the founder of Handi-Care Intl. and serves as the President. A graduate with Masters in Chemistry and Microbiology, Sulo worked in pharmaceutical research for 19 years in Canada (1972- 1991).

Sulo grew up with 2 siblings afflicted with degenerative Muscular Dystrophy, both of which were rendered to wheelchairs from a young age. In spite of their physical limitations, they were both determined to study well and make careers for themselves. Their father was the mentor, the force behind every success they achieved.

Sulo joined the mission with her brother, resigned from her job and started Handi-Care Intl. (HCI). HCI was registered in 1992, as a Canadian registered charity and started supporting Amar Seva Sangam’s (ASSA) initiatives to educate, rehabilitate, train and empower the disabled persons from poor families.