COVID-19 strategies at our partnered organizations

Our action plan at Amar Seva Sangam. 

Nearly 450 special children and youth are under Handi-Care’s sponsorship at Amar Seva Sangam, experiencing significantly positive results from the special education and rehab approach we have been successfully implementing for the past almost 30 years. Now, the testing time has come and we are no longer able to bring them to the special schools and offer one on one therapy sessions. After careful consideration and pulling all our resouces together, we are not only addressing the situation, but also offering very effective solutions, through the use of modern technology and dedicated service from the teachers and therapists

Even though Amar Seva Sangam is in a lock down situation since March 2020, due to Pandemic of COVID 19 Virus and as per the Local Govt policy decision, to keep up social distancing, and reduce the spread of the disease to all the children  and  staff, ASSA has  taken special steps to address and handle the situation.

The Special School (Centre for Special Education where most of the children are sponsored by HCI donors), Teachers and therapists are   providing  activity based  virtual /online classes and  training to the students and  to their parents, by guiding  them   over phone  and  Tablets which  are  provided  by us,  to   carry out  their regular activities,  which  is  essential  for  the  growth of the  child. For  carrying  out  their   activities  at  their  homes,   all  the  required  materials   like Chart paper/Pencil/Pen/Sketch Pens/ Books/ Tablets/Educational toys etc.,  are provided to them.
The children in the Residential care and the students in Vocational Training / Higher education (where most of the children and youth are sponsored by HCI donors), continue to live in the hostel facilities within campus and are provided education, training, all the meals and facilities, keeping the social distancing and taking adequate precautions.
Children in Early Intervention program (Where there are 1200 children enrolled and HCI donors have sponsored 300 children) are also receiving adequate therapy and training through Tele-Therapy and E-Therapy programs, using tablets and phones. All the children’s homes are provided with the necessary therapy equipment, toys etc as needed. All forms of therapy including Speech is provided to them and carried out by their mothers/ family members and monitored by the therapists and adequately recorded.

Amar Seva Sangam operates IGNOU University, Alagappa Univ campus and other Institution’s programs for higher studies leading to degrees and diplomas. Apart from that Vocational Training centres, Tailoring and Handicraft training centres are major teaching and training centres at ASSA. 53 youth with disabilities (31 boys and 22 girls) are enrolled in various courses which will enable them to be employed after completion. All these students and their tutors, who are also affected by some disabling conditions are living within the campus. Hence these is NO disruption of schooling for these students.

To run these programs effectively and efficiently, we need your continued support and sponsorship, as the cost has escalated due to providing each child / family with all the necessary gears.