New Tailoring (2017) unit at ASSA now employs 50 differently abled

ASSA added another brand new Tailoring unit and inaugurated it in Feb. 2017

Thanks to another magnanimous donor from HCI, Toronto (who wants to remain anonymous) and to Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (sister of another HCI board member – Srini Srinivasan) along with donors from Hong Kong and India, Amar Seva Sangam is enjoying a significant expansion of its Vocational Training Centre. A new tailoring centre is constructed and equipped with accessible imported sewing machines. A large hosiery company has placed orders to make garments in this centre which now employs around 50 persons with disabilities who are trained by ASSA for this job. This centre also gives employment to local women from the rural villages.

This project at Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA), is supported by Handi-Care Intl. Since 2000, HCI has been funding the higher studies / Vocational training of hundreds of youth with disabilities at ASSA. The outcome has been stellar with 90-95% success rate of employment. Among the youth who have gone thru vocational training, a majority of them – especially women have undergone training in Tailoring, Handicrafts, Toy making and Book making.