By donating to this sponsorship program, you could help an individual with spinal cord injury regain mobility, vocation, and independence.

Currently Enrolled in the Program

Successfully Discharged from the Program

A Revolutionary Centre

In 2007, Amar Seva Sangam opened its revolutionary “Post-Acute Care Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre.” This centre provides an indispensable service to economically disadvantaged individuals who have sustained severe spinal cord injuries and are quadriplegic (paralyzed from neck down) or paraplegic (paralyzed from waist down).

Truly Exceptional Programs

With an intensive regiment of therapy programs delivered by professionally trained and dedicated staff, patients have experienced remarkable success. Many have regained the use of their limbs and learnt employable skills, allowing them to enjoy independent and fulfilling lives. Amar Seva Sangam’s rehabilitation program covers the full cost of treatment, medication, accommodation, and food. Its impact on the communities it serves is truly exceptional.

Treatment Programs

On average, treatment programs take 1-2 years to complete and cost $4000 per person per year. A donation of $4000 would cover the following:

  • one-on-one personal attendants, round-the-clock nursing care, and daily physician visits
  • daily rehabilitation sessions delivered by trained physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • provision of all medications and wound care
  • an individualized nutrition plan