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Centre for Special Education

Handi Care Intl. built this centre in 2009 at Amar Seva Sangam in India. See below: “Birth of this commitment”

Our Centre for Special Education is dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of developmentally challenged children. The centre is currently offering special education services from to 80 children from ages 6 to 18 and to another 100 or more placed in “Parent Managed Respite Centres”.

“Since inception, 280 children have attended this special needs school constructed by Handi-Care Intl. The school is run by 12 special education teachers and equipped with modern educational tools, learning aids, an outdoor play area and therapy room to provide a holistic educational program for children with intellectual disabilities.  With the effective teaching methodology, 15% of these children have been integrated into mainstream school”.

It is in full swing with activities ranging from specialized personalized education, Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Breathing practices, physical education and play time activities. There are 12 teachers qualified in special education, including speech therapists and other areas of expertise. Children are showing tremendous improvement and the results are extremely gratifying. 23 children are integrated into the regular school, yet assisted by special educators. All the teachers are qualified in various areas of special education and the class size is about 8 to 1.

Click here to view HCI’s Sponsorship of Children at the Centre

Click here to view list of completed children.

Adopt A Child in Special Education

Under this program, we invite you to sponsor children with various disabilities between the ages of 6 and 18.

How to sponsor a child under this plan?

There are 3 ways you can do this:

  • 7 Years GRANT: A donation of of $2500 (CAD) creates a “Grant” for one child.
    The money will be used over a 7 year period for complete rehabilitation services of the selected child. If the child gets discharged prior to the grant period, it will be transferred to another child.
  • Yearly sponsorship: An annual donation of $400 (CAD) per child.
  • Monthly sponsorship: A monthly donation of $35 (CAD) per child.

The sponsorship will then be transferred to another child. The endowment fund created in your name will remain for ever to brighten the lives of many needy children. However, certain children with mental challenges, may never reach the stage to receive professional training and hence may need to be supported for life.

Our children have won several prizes and medals at state level competitions in singing, dance and sports.
Photos taken during the Annual Day function (Jan 5,2010)

Our Building “CENTRE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION” is completed and was inaugurated on May 8, 2009 at Amar Seva Sangam campus.


Salient Features of the Centre:

  • 6,600 Sq. Ft. of rooms
  • 8 Classrooms
  • Large Indoor Activity centre
  • Dining, Physiotherapy & Office Rooms
  • Outdoor Play / Exercise
  • Ramp for wheelchair access all around the outdoor play area
  • Washrooms

HCI raised and disburse $106,000 for the building and $10,000 for teachers’ training in the 2006-2008 period. This was possible mainly due to our compassionate donors, who came forward to sponsor one class room each, as listed below.

More photos of the building

Inauguration Photos

We need sponsorships for the children, 100 of whom will be placed in our new centre within the next few weeks. We welcome you to take a look at some of the children awaiting sponsorship by clicking here.

Click here to read the souvenir we published for the fund raising event.

Birth of this commitment:

In 2004, a group of volunteers headed by Dr.Dinesh Krishna participated in a needs assessment of disabled individuals in rural South India. The team identified the need for a centre for children with developmental disabilities. Dr.Dinesh Krishna and Kavitha Krishna wrote up an extensive proposal outlining the needs and the design and format of the school including the need to train exisiting staff in special education. For the project proposal, please click here.

Though it seemed like a lofty goal, our success with rebuilding Thonithurai after the Tsunami gave us a lot of hope and confidence and HCI board approved the proposal to raise funds for this project. Little did we know that the initial agreement we signed with ASSA for $80,000 which included the cost of teachers’ training in 2007, was going to be overthrown with an amended version of $130,000 within a year due to increased construction costs.

However, through cross country fundraising efforts, including large fundraising events in Toronto organized by Handicare Intl. and in Victoria organized by Dr.Dinesh Krishna – we were able to raise the money and he school has been built!

It is more than just a school !!

  • This is a training centre for Special Education in the entire district that will enroll and train new candidates and parents.
  • 30 disabled children from the waiting will be joining the school, for a total enrolment of 100.
  • This facility includes separate rooms for each class grouped according to ability. Each classroom is equipped with educational tools and learning aids such as black boards, flash cards, charts, posters, kinesthetic materials, and other toys and games to support learning. Chairs, desks and other supportive furniture have been custom-built on site in order to suit the needs of students with physical disabilities.
  • One classroom will be devoted to job-skills training for older students.
  • 80 other children from the Parent Managed Respite Centres will have access to and benefit from resources of CSE.
  • Properly structured support and training will be provided to the parents of children at the centre. This will help parents understand their child’s needs better and be able to participate in their education.
  • Additional training has been provided to staff members. The appropriate program for each staff member was determined based on previous education and experience.

For a detailed proposal, please click here.

We gratefully acknowledge all our donors and sponsors who made this dream a reality…

List of Major Donors:

Mrs. Gita Sankaran & FamilyMr. & Mrs. Arun Kapoor
Karuppiah Suppiah & familyMs. Georgina Roche
Dr. B. RamaswamiMr. & Mrs. Venu Thampi
Dr. & Mrs. Anilkumar & Shanthi MenonMr. & Mrs. Narayanaswamy
Pankaja GroupMr. & Mrs. Mahendra Shah
Dr. & Mrs. Terry PapnejaMr. & Mrs. Raghavan Sundaresan
Mr. & Mrs. Cadambi SriramMr. & Mrs. Sekhar Iyer
Dr. & Mrs. Raj TuppalMr. & Mrs. Sudhir Negi
Mr. & Mrs. Bhupatrai & Sarla BhutaMr. & Mrs. Nara Manickam
Dr. & Mrs. Ramakrishnan, USAVani Pasupathy & Suneil Sastry
Dr. & Mrs. T.N. KrishnamurthyMr. & Mrs. Natarajan Iyer
Mr. & Mrs. Ravi SubramaniamMr. & Mrs. Vinod Arora
Chandran RatnaswamyMr. & Mrs. Sam Krishna
Dr. Vamini SelvanandanMr. & Mrs. Raj Valliappan
Dr. & Mrs. Dinesh KrishnaMr. & Mrs. Suman Ghai
Mr. & Mrs. V.I. LakshmananMr. Mrs. Pravin Ghai
Mr. & Mrs. Sunil GhaiMr. Mrs. Adaikkappan
Mr. & Mrs. Arun LuthraMr. Pankaj Dave
Mr. & Mrs. Naveen SethMr. & Mrs. Gopi Menon
Mr. Ajay KoushikDrs. Yegappan
Mr. & Mrs. R.K. MoorthyMr. & Mrs. Nalini Bhargava
Mr. & Mrs. P. SrinivasanMs. Nargiz Daya
Mr. & Mrs. N. KrishnamurthyMr. & Mrs. Praveen Ghai
Mr. & Mrs. S. KalyanasundaramDr. & Mrs. S. Pasupathy
Mr. & Mrs. S.K. MosurMr. & Mrs. S. Thiagarajan
Dr. Raghu RamanMr. & Mrs. Sundra Rajan
Mr. & Mrs. Ram RamakrishnanMr. & Mrs. Vijay Bajaj
Mr. & Mrs. Srini B.SrinivasanMr. & Mrs. Vinod Verma
Mr. Gary GurmukhMr. & Mrs. N.Raghunathan

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Hindu Temple Society of CanadaRaj Bassi
Bayer Latha Sukumar
Sunlife Financial South Asian Women’s Centre
Balan Manian Ideal Tile & Carpet
Metratrade Ltd Newmarket Volvo
Royal Bank Maharani Fashions
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