How do we compare with other charities?

There are a myriad of causes, foundations, hospitals and community groups that need our support and every year Canadians give generously to these charities. In 2021 alone, $465,257,445 was donated by Canadians. But for donors, it’s not always clear where the money is going.

How much money is directly going to programs?

How much is being spent on fundraising and publicity?

How much is going to the salaries of the directors?

Like all organizations, charities have expenses including utility bills, supplies and staffing costs. You hope your donation is being spent as effectively as possible but worry, as in some cases, your money is being frittered away.”……Excerpt from Money Sense magazine… Summer 2012

Donors to Handi Care Intl. are often assured that more than 97% of their donations are applied directly to charitable programs. We are able to maintain this high level of disbursement and low level of admin expenses, because HCI is completely volunteer driven and the office is run from home. We came across this several page article in the “Money Sense” – summer 2012 – magazine and extracted some important and relevant data to share!

The article gives a comprehensive analysis of several factors for the top 100 charities in Canada. These are leading charities with millions of dollars in revenue with staff and overhead expenses. HCI is minute in comparison. However, we decided to compile a chart for the benefit of those who do make donations to other charities. The intent of this chart is to help you decide where to give. 85% and more going to charitable programs is considered to be very efficient.

The chart will reveal that some of the leading charities’ stats. The overall grading is done taking several facts in to account – % going to charitable programs, fund raising efficiency, transparency, salaries to top executives etc. Click here to view the full article. 

Name of CharityTop Salary% Going to ProgramCost to Raise $100
Handi-Care Intl.0
Canadian Diabetes Association$28029244.7%
Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation$35000047.1%$21.14
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada$250,000-$299,00048.5%$54.75
Alberta Cancer Foundation$160,000-$199,99950.2%$35.73
Kidney Foundation of Canada$160,000-$199,99950.2%$43.33
Cancer Research Society$13101451.6%$35.86
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario$35000052.4%
VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation$250,000-$299,99953.8%$35.71
BC Cancer Foundation$31078754.5%$43.25
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation$200,000-$249,99954.1%$31.81
SickKids Foundation (Hospital for Sick Children Foundation)$46077156.8%$48.15
Prostate Cancer Canada$200,000-$249,99959.9%$24.86
Children’s wise Foundation of Canada$200,000-$249,99960.8%$27.74
Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters for Canada Army$23908162.7%$11.22
University Hospital Foundation$20312664.3%$40.77
CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)$29657365.3%$55.99
Canadian Unicef Committee$200,000-$249,99975%$21.02
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation$35000075.1%$19.37
Amnesty International (Canadian Section English-Speaking)$11900077.5%$15.71
St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation$35000078.3%
Terry Fox Foundation$12500079.2%
World Vision Canada$21645081%
Doctors without Borders Canada/Medecins Sans Frontie$14399581.1%
United Way of Greater Toronto$300,000-$349,99988.2%
War Amps (War Amputations of Canada)$24260590.3%$1.42