Handi-Care Intl.


Testimonials from the students (Virtual)

Student: Oriana Wong
Placement type: Paediatric OT (First placement)
Placement Period: 24/01/2022 to 18/02/2022

I am very appreciative of the efforts both my preceptors made to facilitate a great learning experience for me. As much as the situation allowed, I was provided with opportunities to practice like OT and with resources to support my learning. I enjoyed being able to practice self-directed learning and managing my own time, as I would as an OT. I also feel much more confident in my OT intervention search skills, treatment planning, and pediatric OT knowledge compared to when I started this placement.

Student: Allyn Massana-Stroud
Placement type: Occupational Therapy
Placement Period: 25/10/2021 to 17/12/2021

I thoroughly enjoyed my virtual placement experience with ASSA. I was able to apply my clinical skills while working with patients with spinal cord injuries or strokes. I gained extensive experience with occupational therapy preparation and implementation, clinical documentation, and interprofessional communication. I also gained a lot of knowledge about the culture and was given the opportunity to reflect on the differences and similarities between our cultures.

Student: Raina Coppicus
Placement type: Occupational Therapy
Placement Period: 14/06/2021 to 06/08/2021

This placement was an extremely enriching learning experience, even when offered as a virtual placement option during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at ASSA was accommodating to the time difference and provided us with countless learning opportunities and face-to-face time with real patients. We were able to utilize self-directed learning and apply skills we learned in school in a welcoming practice setting. I enjoyed my time at ASSA very much, and I am so grateful for the learning experience.

Student: Erica Hasen
Placement type: 502 Clinical Placement
Placement Period: 14/06/2021 to 31/07/2021

ASSA has given me the opportunity to learn about spinal cord and stroke populations in general, but it has also taught me how to adapt to different clientele as a professional. I have learned to keep in mind cultures, values, and beliefs, which is something I think is very valuable and important to do as a healthcare professional in a country with very diverse populations.

Student: Alyssa Bergevin
Placement type: Virtual with stroke and spinal cord injury population
Placement Period: 16/02/2021 to 09/04/2021

This placement has been a great learning experience for me even though it was all virtual and had to adjust to a time difference. During this placement, I have been exposed to invaluable aspects such as different ways of living, different realities, and different cultures. I have also grown comfortable working with translators and being able to establish a therapeutic relationship with the client through a screen and a language barrier. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have a placement at Amar Seva Sangam.

Student: Zahra Karmali
Placement type: Pediatrics- Village-based Rehab
Placement Period: 25/01/2021 to 02/04/2021

Completing a virtual international placement at ASSA provided me with ample learning opportunities, both through clinical sessions and project work. My clinical work was village-based rehab and entailed consulting with pediatric clients, their families, and other healthcare professionals to develop intervention recommendations. My project work consisted of developing a manual for clinicians at ASSA to assist them with the provision of various assistive technologies to pediatric clients. Through this placement, I learned to be adaptable, and flexible and developed cultural competency amongst other important OT competencies. Although I wasn’t able to be there in person because of COVID, I feel extremely grateful for this learning experience; Through the support of my wonderful supervisors, I still feel that I was able to make an impact at ASSA. I hope that I will be able to continue supporting ASSA and visit in person in the near future.