Early Intervention for under age 6 - Global Awards Winner!!


This project has been recognized by 4 continents around the world!! Asia, Australia, Europe and North America!!
World Cerebral Palsy Day winner in Australia, MIT Solve Challenge in USA, United Nations, Vodafone foundation, Azim Premji Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada...

“Early Intervention for childhood disabilities”

What is special about this project: Handi-Care Intl. was instrumental in winning this grant from Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) on the basis of a very advanced platform "mVBRI" which is software driven and the first to be developed on a global platform. GCC has committed Cdn$600,000 in 2016 for a period of 3 years (April 2017 to March 2020). This is exclusively on a matching basis. Handi-Care Intl. is a major matching partner. Every dollar donated to HCI will be matched equally by GCC. This This will enable your donation to be doubled, while providing you with a tax receipt. As of Dec 2018, HCI has raised and disbursed $400,000, which watched by GCC and the program is running smoothly. We need to raise another $200,000 by the end of 2019, so we can maximize the benefits offered by GCC and take this very special program to new heights.

Brief description of the project: This is HCI’s flagship project cosponsored by Grand Challenges Canada and supported by individual donors across Canada and USA. The EARLY INTERVENTION project was initiated by Handi-Care intl. in 2012- 2013, due to the tremendous need for such service for poor rural children under age 6 with developmental delays. Since then the number of children has grown to 1050 and we provide them with full service consisting of centre based and home based therapy programs, covering more than 800 villages around in Thirunelveli Dist., Tamil Nadu. The project is run by Amar Seva Sangam, Ayikudy, a highly reputed award winning NGO. There is a full team of therapists, Community Rehab workers, social workers, project coordinators and staff for each block. This has been sustained by individual sponsorship and by a grant from “Grand Challenges Canada”, Azim Premji Founadtion, India.

This initiative is evaluated and monitored through collaborations with researchers from University of Toronto, McGill University, and Indian Universities and the results of the research will be published in major international journals.
The mVBI-EI application is poised to be adapted by other NGOs in Tamil Nadu and a major scale up is underway for the entire Tamil Nadu

Through our clinical placement program, where the graduate students from Canada also participate in the research, results of this research have been published in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Journal and presented at the WFOT International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2018. 

Sponsorship Highlights:

  • Children are admitted from very poor families, where the household income is very low.
  • All services are offered free of cost to the children.
  • You can sponsor individual children from our waiting list.
  • Reports of these children will be emailed to the donor twice a year.

How much does it cost for sponsorship?

A. Endowment sponsorship of a E.I child: We request an endowment of $2000 (CDN) for each child. The interest earned from your endowment, will cover the cost of the following. The endowment amount will remain for ever and will be used for another child, when the first one is completed.

  1. Salaries to the Physio, Occupational, Speech therapists, Coordinators,
    Supervisors, back office staff and office overhead
  2. Transportation charges (bus, driver, gasoline) 
  3. Utility charges – water, electricity
  4. Equipment purchase and maintenance
  5. Parent’s emotional and financial counseling
  6. Financial assistance to some parents
  7. Office record maintenance

B. Yearly sponsorship of a E.I child: We request a yearly sponsorship with $400 (Cdn) per year per child. Half of it, $200 will be utilized to create an endowment for the child and the other half will cover all of the above costs. A complete endowment will be created in approximately 10 years. If the original child has completed rehab, a new child will be chosen for that endowment in your name.

Once the children gets to age 6, they will be moved to Centre for special education which offers both special education and integrated school education and will continue to receive all forms of therapy as required. Your endowment will continue on for the same children and we will update you on their progress and requirements. As of now, you will receive 2 reports per year by email, which will also be available on our web site.

How do we keep the cost so low?

  • A similar program in Canada with all the features listed below, costs upwards of $20,000 Cdn, per child per year. We offer the program in rural India with the highest standards and most modern techniques. We place PT/OT professional and student volunteers year around who work diligently with the patients and provide great support for the staff at Amar Seva Sangam. This enables magnificent savings in staff employment. Our volunteers also raise funds and purchase equipment that are highly expensive or unavailable in India and carry them to ASSA, resulting in huge savings.
  • ASSA is a highly efficiently run organization with minimum overhead expenses and sincerely committed employees. They use state of the art technology, maximizing the time spent by therapists with the patients and minimizing time spent on travel, creating reports, office work and so on…

What is offered at Early Intervention?

Therapy is offered at various village based rehab centres as well as at the homes of the children, whose conditions are severe and unable to travel to the rehab centres. Other children are bused to the centres with their mothers or fathers for 6 days a week, where they receive :

  1. Specialized pediatric Physio, speech and occupational therapies.
  2. Sensory integration (involving sensory stimulation for hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting)
    in a special “Sensory integration room”.
  3. The children are trained in adaptive equipment (each one costing several hundred dollars) such as standers, walkers, posture training chairs, slope climbers, and a number of other equipment for successful training.
  4. They are given toilet training and self feeding training.
  5. The parents are trained along side to continue the practice at home. The children are given lunch, milk, and snacks during their visits. The parents are also provided with lunch since they come from far and are very poor. They are bused back at the end of the day. Most children need naps are are provided with beds and a very hygienic environment.

Each child is sponsored under our “Adopt An E.I Child” program. Our sponsorship is very nominal and an equivalent service and equipment cost in Canada would run into over $20,000 per year, where as our charges are $400 per year per child or an endowment of $2000 per child, an one time commitment. Please click here to donate / sponsor .

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