Vocational Training Centre and Tailoring Unit at ASSA for children and youth from the Special Education program (Sangamam VTC)

Making Chalk pieces, Incense sticks, Disinfectant solutions, Liquid soap etc.
Training in Tailoring

Amar Seva Sangam established a Tailoring and Garment Making Unit, which tailors school uniform, corporate uniforms, and garments required by other manufacturing units. This unit was inaugurated on 21st Jan, 2000. The Unit provides training for children and youth who are transferred from the “Special Education School” program, under the “Sangamam” VTC project.  This also provides employment to differently abled youth and adults and rural people, enabling them to make a living and take care of their medical expenses. The modern tailoring unit has modern machines like SUNA/Juki/Ambarla Power Sewing machines, Overlock machines, Kaja/Button machines, and Cloth Cutting machines. 

Apart from tailoring the students learn and make Chalk pieces, liquid soap, Phenyl solutions, incense sticks, and more that are used by the school and for the maintenance of the campus. The excess products are sold to local shops.

The children from the Special Education program continue to benefit from this initiative, as they are kept engaged while learning new skills and generating income for upkeeping of the project.